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seems I might be right to be worried ( Will I hate the Me before You Movie?) Lots of Protests in the UK and it seems like the movie marketing and pr people completely underestimated the potential for negative reaction … Continue reading

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sorry but App isn’t a verb

Poster seen in an elevator recently which stopped me in my tracks. I rode up and down 5 floors just staring and scowling at it imagining the Good Grief speech bubble inside my head exploding. I know its my Luddite … Continue reading

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Fan Appreciation!

Fan Appreciation!. via Fan Appreciation!. Fan Appreciation! This entry was posted on November 26, 2012 and tagged paintability, quadriplegic artists. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment Wednesday after school is my reserved Chelsea time. Chelsea Fairclough is a former student who is now in … Continue reading

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The Diagnosis – and it’s impact

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Forget R what about the S Word

Advocating for Chelsea has required me to absorb a huge amount of new information.  Medical and scientific sites are second nature to me and I can google a symptom or concomitant drug reaction with the best of them however the thing … Continue reading

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what I meant was…

There’s a profile of Chelsea and I in one of the local newspapers today, The New Paper – (read here) which we were asked to do to help illustrate that it is possible to be positive and to embrace life … Continue reading

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