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seems I might be right to be worried ( Will I hate the Me before You Movie?) Lots of Protests in the UK and it seems like the movie marketing and pr people completely underestimated the potential for negative reaction … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: infantilize

I am not sure if I  had ever used or heard the word infantilize in a general conversation until last week and then suddenly it was the ‘word de jour”, as teachers and bloggers bemoaned the tendency of others to … Continue reading

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One photoshoot and I’m done

Total respect to those that do this sort of thing every day – even or maybe especially the Kardashians.  But I know now, even if I didn’t before that I couldn’t be famous, if this is what it involves. Chelsea … Continue reading

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This amazing mom of three adopted children with complex medical needs wrote a poem that perfectly expresses how inadequate I feel most days. Read her story on http://www.gofundme.com/complexfamily and be inspired to donate something to support her if you can…

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Just Normal…now that would be amazing

When you dream of being average and would give anything not to stand out in a crowd, chances are you have experienced what it is like to be different and decided it’s not what you want.

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Summer Schedule – TV marathons

First things first,  which shows will we revisit this summer?   With school done for the year and all the best US prime time shows on hiatus, Chelsea and I have time to revisit some old favorites and the opportunity … Continue reading

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Downton Bear

Chelsea and her Downton Bear from the RMHC Charity fundraiser – she chose this bear as it reminded her of Lady Grantham… read more at her blog

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