the unique collection of abstract art


13 years old quadriplegic artist

Chelsea Fairclough

e: paintabilityexhibition

10-05 – 2012

ReDot Fine Art Gallery

‘when you can’t hold a brush in your hands, mouth or feet – just use your wheels and dance”


2 Responses to Paintability

  1. Hi I have written 3 articles with the theme ARTABILITY in the third one I have referred to Chelsea and Paintability and three other painters and exhibitions the first 2 were published in Disabled World on their web-site. Can I have consent to publish reference to Paintability and Chelsea in the third please ? I am a disability access consultant in Australia who writes articles as a hobby.
    Best Wishes and Kind Regards
    David Bedwell
    Obvius Access


    • Sandra F says:

      Thank you so much for appreciating Chelsea and her achievements. Yes of course you can reference her and Paintability. If you would like to use her picture can your let me know and I will send you an original if you can give me an email address to contact you.


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