Fan Appreciation!

Fan Appreciation!.

via Fan Appreciation!.

Fan Appreciation!

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Wednesday after school is my reserved Chelsea time. Chelsea Fairclough is a former student who is now in grade nine. She comes once a week to create her unique paintings. Chelsea is quadriplegic and uses her wheelchair as her paintbrush. Back in May she had a very successfulexhibition at the Redot Gallery here in Singapore.  To my other students Chelsea has become a bit of a rock star. They know that she comes on Wednesdays, so on Thursdays my students always ask to see what she painted the day before. They love seeing the paint the is inevitably left on my floor each week.

Last week, Chelsea had a chance to make the day of one of her fans. When 5th grade Matt, stopped by my room with his Mom. He informed his mother that Chelsea “is famous.” He then asked Chelsea for her autograph. We found a piece of paper and Chelsea gave him her unique autograph. It was hard to say who had the bigger smile. I think it was me!

If you would like to know more about Chelsea and her work be sure to check


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