Mint and Rosemary Shower Gel

It occurred to me in the shower just now as I was lathering up a storm with an Aveda shower gel, that I smelt of Sunday Roast – traditional english roast lamb with mint sauce. Really pleasant – yes, memorable yes, but not exactly the fresh as a daisy, or Hawaii 5-0 crashing wave aqua, fresh from the shower smell I was aiming for.

Mint and rosemary – Bizarre – who thinks up these aromas?   

My absolute favorite shower gel/smell since a trip several years ago to the US and a stay at a Marriott in Oakland are Ginger and Jasmine based which are supposed to invigorate and revitalize me and of course have the added benefit of not smelling like my lunch. Organics make a really good refreshing ginger range and Body shop too. Both are Fab.

A great smelling shower gel can transport you to another time and place with all the associated memories which for me are usually of life before all the challenges and issues of the present day.

Or they can make you hungry for a great Sunday Roast.

Have a great refreshing day.



About Sandra F

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