No winning or magic cure for Charlie Gard or his parents

So the tsunami of a medical, legal, ethical, moral and parental conflict surrounding the 11 month old baby Charlie Gard and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has worsened. Thanks to some new unpublished research data on an “as yet” unproven experimental treatment that may/might/could improve his condition (although it has never been used on a baby with Charlie’s condition) and the intervention of the Pope, GOSH bowed to the overwhelming media pressure and announced that it agrees with the parents and went back to the High Court in London and asked that they be allowed to explore the treatment. The parents screamed and shouted about new research and protocols and about having a fair chance and their rights and that the risks and promise of hope were worth it. Continue reading

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My favorite child (insert name here)

75% of parents say they love one child more than the others and according to researchers at University of California the one that the other kids think gets the most love is the…

If you ask the girls they will tell you that it is obvious that I love Zach the most. Zach was my first baby, and he’s the only boy, he’s smart and funny and caring and driven, he’s a lot like me and he’s special. So of course I love him the most because of that. Continue reading

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She’s not me…just a better me!

There is a great website bearing my blog name momontheside, it’s really good, but it’s not mine. It could have been, I am pretty sure I planned to register the url when I started writing this blog, but, well who knows what I got distracted by.

Suffice to say is a lovely useful mommy site about being a great parent written by, and about, a lovely American lady from the Midwest, called Lisa.

She seems very nice. I get tweets for her all the time because she has a twitter account like I do, mine is called #momontheside, turns out hers  Continue reading

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seems I might be right to be worried ( Will I hate the Me before You Movie?)


Lots of Protests in the UK and it seems like the movie marketing and pr people completely underestimated the potential for negative reaction by the disability community.



My pragmatic beautiful almost 18 year old wheelie girl’s comment “mom you have to understand it’s totally different for a person like Will, he has an accident and has lived already and done everything… you have to realize he might be really really depressed, it’s totally different to me…and its only a fucking movie!”




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Will I hate the Me Before You Movie?

June 2nd is the day Chelsea graduates High School and if we stick to the plan we will also go and see the Me Before You (MBU) movie. I think Chelsea and Fran have never been more excited for a movie. The Fault in our Stars was similar squealing OMG anticipation, but given they read that book way before the movie came out, and they only discovered MBU after they saw the movie trailer,  I think this is definitely bigger. This is like…Star Wars.

So come June 2 will I hate the movie? I finally read the book last weekend and while I thought the book was very good,  I immediately started worrying. The trailer promises a glorious love story on four wheels but the book is hardly a feel good story. Continue reading

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Mother Trumps Girlfriend – at least in China!


From: BBC China Blog – click for original post

“Girls are everywhere, but I only have one mum,” 

Time to move to China as according to the Chinese Ministry of Justice if the building was on fire my son would have to save me first.

Now to apply the same logic, if you can only make one phone call a week it should clearly be to your mother. Even if I am half way around the world and 13 hours ahead…. call me! Email, Skype  or Facebook are also acceptable. 

Mother trumps everyone – are you listening Zachary!

Clearly I am not adjusting to this new college life very well.





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Well my stats are booming….

Which is weird,  because I haven’t posted anything in a while!  I’m trying not to take it personally.

positive-attitudeBlogging takes time as well as creativity and energy, and lately I haven’t had any.

I could make excuses and cite reasons that would make sense but the reality is I am not sure what I have to say any more, heads too full of doubts and worries.

Time for an attitude adjustment….

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