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Two Girls on Wheels

Very excited today not because of the Royal Wedding but because Kristine came to visit we haven’t seen her for years and had completely lost touch. It was so great for the girls to catch up and find out what … Continue reading

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Don’t Stare – but don’t ignore her either.

Disability Cool:  From “wow I can’t really tell you are disabled”  to  “incredible amazing electronic, computerized technology disabled” People literally do stop and stare at Chelsea. If we are out and about in Singapore, I watch as people, young and … Continue reading

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University – is the bubble about to burst

Interesting article from The Economist in which they discuss the idea that the bubble is about to burst on Universities and tertiary education in general. The PayPal CEO, who has successfully predicted many of the most recent market turnarounds (Dotcom – gone, … Continue reading

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Mother drives minivan and her 3 kids into Hudson

The Silicon Chip inside her head gets switched to overload… The “I don’t like Monday’s” anthem from Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats was the first thing in my head when I read this story, and yes I know she didn’t shoot anyone, as … Continue reading

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Disability – the opportunity

The daily challenge of helping Chelsea to believe in her future is overwhelming, it requires total positivity often in the face of a world that sees only her “disability” and lack of  potential.  As a middle schooler she is the ultimate … Continue reading

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I read in surprise and disbelief The Guardian editorial piece today announcing their reversal of a 10 year support for republicanism brought about it seems by the magic of the impending Royal Wedding and the great character that is Prince William. … Continue reading

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