Mother drives minivan and her 3 kids into Hudson

The Silicon Chip inside her head gets switched to overload…

The “I don’t like Monday’s” anthem from Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats was the first thing in my head when I read this story, and yes I know she didn’t shoot anyone, as the inspiration for the 1979 Geldof song did,  but I think the sentiment of system overload is very applicable.

The woman’s eldest son managed to escape and says that his mother voiced regret right at the end, and may even have wanted to stop her actions, but it was too late for her and her 3 youngest children, who all drowned. 

I read a report that claimed that most survivors of suicide attempts at the Golden Gate Bridge mentioned that half way down they regretted jumping, I wonder if the woman in the mini van from New York had been  holding hands with her 3 kids rather than having them strapped into baby seats, would she  have jumped in the first place.  I hope not, and based on her reported remorse probably not, and yet she drove into the river and killed them all.

I have pretty bad days, horrible bone crushingly painful and exhausting days, when Chelsea’s situation and my own feel hopeless and sometimes the idea of escape has seemed the only solution. Running away from problems and moving on to something different works when you are 10, or even 25 and single. It is in my experience very hard to run away with, or from any child, let alone 3, and for me it’s especially inconceivable to run away from the child in a wheelchair, and  that’s why I am blessed, or cursed depending on my mood and your opinion.

The idea of leaving my children alone or further prejudicing their happiness will always out way the challenges of my life and so even on the really bad days, like today,  the system is not overloaded. Stretched – sure,  but still functioning.

If you pray, say a prayer for the souls of the woman and her three kids and pray for all mothers and care givers everywhere.


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