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Glee – Christmas hell

For us, watching Glee is usually a wonderful family experience: love the songs and dancing(most of the time), love the amazing Emmy deserving Jane Lynch / Sue Sylvester, love Becky, love the slushies, love the advocacy for everything minority and challenging … Continue reading

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Dec 3rd – International Day of persons with Disabilities

The UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities takes place today, December 3rd. Surprised? I was  -and I really should know better as I have a disabled child.  Searched on Google and it seems most of you wont know or maybe all … Continue reading

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Next Page Please – and a techno wish list

I love the fact that Chelsea wants to read so much and I love that she loses herself in a book for up to 4 hours at a time. I love that we have worked out the best way for her to be … Continue reading

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Today I was inspired and at the same time shamed by the writings of an astonishingly talented woman Heather Alessandro and her blog Grief Letters  which made me cry, laugh, sob and curl up in shame – a great read I can … Continue reading

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