Will I hate the Me Before You Movie?

June 2nd is the day Chelsea graduates High School and if we stick to the plan we will also go and see the Me Before You (MBU) movie. I think Chelsea and Fran have never been more excited for a movie. The Fault in our Stars was similar squealing OMG anticipation, but given they read that book way before the movie came out, and they only discovered MBU after they saw the movie trailer,  I think this is definitely bigger. This is like…Star Wars.

So come June 2 will I hate the movie? I finally read the book last weekend and while I thought the book was very good,  I immediately started worrying. The trailer promises a glorious love story on four wheels but the book is hardly a feel good story.

It makes all of us smile whenever we see the trailer, and just as with The Intouchables  (loved loved this movie) we all dream that one day Chelsea will have a friend like Lou or Driss, some amazing person,  who will come into her life and connect with her and make her happy.

And then, after all the lovely stuff that’s in the MBU trailer, the reality of the story will presumably be revealed  and it will become a heartbreaking weepie.

Variety reviewed the movie today and clearly didn’t rate it for all the usual movie making reasons but the review also stated  “Me Before You’s” admirable presentation of a disabled person as a swoon-worthy romantic lead collides awkwardly with its implicit suggestion that perhaps such a life isn’t even worth living…”

and that’s my main concern.

It’s hard to face your fears, but it’s just cruel to be forced to face them after you’ve been lured in with the promise of a happy ending love story. I have nightmares about Chelsea wanting to…”go to Switzerland” and the idea of her asking me to take her.

June 2nd is going to be an amazing day of celebration,  so I don’t think we can spoil it with a sad,  “is my life worth it if I am in a wheelchair” movie.

Graduation has at times seemed like an impossible dream and yet she has done it! She got thru High School (just)  on her own 4 wheels thanks to an amazing group of teachers and administrators and doctors and nurses, and her sister and brother and her helper Pat and even her Dad.

The movie and all it’s challenging questions can wait, June 2 is going to be a gloriously happy day.


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8 Responses to Will I hate the Me Before You Movie?

  1. Siobhan says:

    Fabulous that Chelsea has made it through High School – when you were handing out the credits you forgot to say she has a “mum in a million” you have simply done an amazing job xx


  2. Lan says:

    Congratulations, Chelsea, on your high school graduation! Hope you post a photo for us non-Facebook users to see. And of course, congratulations to Mom! Every nag, word of encouragement, tear and hug was worth it. ; )

    I hadn’t heard of this movie, but will check it out. Maybe Chelsea can write a review on the blog.


  3. tracyfbaines says:

    What a wonderful and wise insight you’ve given. I hope you and your family have a fantastic celebration on June 2.


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