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A Father’s Day Lesson

Originally posted on The World of Special Olympics:
On this father’s day, I’m going to take my lesson on being a Dad from a mom. I never could’ve imagined what one Mom, Lauren Warner, learned from sipping lemonade.  It’s the…

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Just Normal…now that would be amazing

When you dream of being average and would give anything not to stand out in a crowd, chances are you have experienced what it is like to be different and decided it’s not what you want.

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Get back in there and flush the toilet, and the other things I say every day

Are you up? Brush your teeth! Get off the phone Now! Go back in there and flush the toilet

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Summer Schedule – TV marathons

First things first,  which shows will we revisit this summer?   With school done for the year and all the best US prime time shows on hiatus, Chelsea and I have time to revisit some old favorites and the opportunity … Continue reading

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