My favorite child (insert name here)

75% of parents say they love one child more than the others and according to researchers at University of California the one that the other kids think gets the most love is the…

If you ask the girls they will tell you that it is obvious that I love Zach the most. Zach was my first baby, and he’s the only boy, he’s smart and funny and caring and driven, he’s a lot like me and he’s special. So of course I love him the most because of that.

And then  if you ask Zach he would say that it’s the girls, especially  Chelsea, she’s totally special. Precious, vulnerable, intuitive, sarcastic, cynical…  She is like me in so many ways and unfortunately totally the image of her dad.  She drives me mad and then brings out the best in me and without question I love her the most in spite of and because of all those reasons and more.

And then there is Francesca. She’s the baby so of course I love her the most

Sweet, funny, happy, lovable Franny.  She sings all the time  and gets excited by the little things in life. She’s smart and kind and loves all her family and friends.  She used to think that I was all powerful, all knowing,  a maternal wonder woman who was her own personal superhero. I am not sure what my super power was then but I like to think it was making her happy.

She’s 16 and 3 days now so the rose tinted glasses are definitely off in favor of teenage indifference and independence.

I miss being a super hero.

So of course I love all of them equally and  yes at different times each of them rises to the position of favorite. Zach and Fran are usually the front runners for the favorite slot even though, and maybe because  Chelsea gets the most time and attention.

Sadly the bigger competition is to avoid being in the “least favorite” or “the one that drives me mad” slot.  

Usually that one is too close to call.






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