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Sandra Fairclough has more than 20 years international experience as a senior executive & vice president of a major Fortune 100 media company. She is a working mother who balances her life as a management consultant, speaker and coach with her other roles as a wife and mother to 3 amazing and extraordinary children, one of whom Chelsea is a C1/C2 tracheostomy ventilated quadriplegic.


seems I might be right to be worried ( Will I hate the Me before You Movie?) Lots of Protests in the UK and it seems like the movie marketing and pr people completely underestimated the potential for negative reaction … Continue reading

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Will I hate the Me Before You Movie?

June 2nd is the day Chelsea graduates High School and if we stick to the plan we will also go and see the Me Before You (MBU) movie. I think Chelsea and Fran have never been more excited for a movie. … Continue reading

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Mother Trumps Girlfriend – at least in China!

“Girls are everywhere, but I only have one mum,”  Time to move to China as according to the Chinese Ministry of Justice if the building was on fire my son would have to save me first. Now to apply the same … Continue reading

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Well my stats are booming….

Which is weird,  because I haven’t posted anything in a while!  I’m trying not to take it personally. Blogging takes time as well as creativity and energy, and lately I haven’t had any. I could make excuses and cite reasons … Continue reading

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The Oscars 2015 …hopes and dreams and national pride

I’ve watched the Oscars every year since I was in college. I’ve stayed up late in the UK, got up early in Asia and usually taken the day off work all so I can watch it live. Big Fan. And … Continue reading

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The battle of the Sides, Mom vs Work

I titled this blog Mom on the Side as a reference to the almost schizophrenic existence that most working mothers have to lead running between the office and home but also to highlight my role with Chelsea, the Mom on the side of the bed, … Continue reading

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sorry but App isn’t a verb

Poster seen in an elevator recently which stopped me in my tracks. I rode up and down 5 floors just staring and scowling at it imagining the Good Grief speech bubble inside my head exploding. I know its my Luddite … Continue reading

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