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She’s not me…just a better me!

She’s happily married of course, and has twins, did I mention the twins. I don’t begrudge her the twins or the other two children, I have 3 she has 4, or the nice looking husband, she has one, I now have none.

And she’s younger!

She’s a better me! Even I like her blog, her site, her interests, her, I like her more than me. Continue reading

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Word of the Day: infantilize

I am not sure if I  had ever used or heard the word infantilize in a general conversation until last week and then suddenly it was the ‘word de jour”, as teachers and bloggers bemoaned the tendency of others to … Continue reading

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An Iraqi dinner, Kosher animals and “Rabbi Google”…(video)

Sat with an amazing diverse group of  people at a dinner table in Singapore last evening for a delicious dinner of traditional Iraqi foods made by our wonderful hosts the Solomons. How we English, Scots, Americans, Singaporeans and Israelis to name a … Continue reading

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Don’t Stare – but don’t ignore her either.

Disability Cool:  From “wow I can’t really tell you are disabled”  to  “incredible amazing electronic, computerized technology disabled” People literally do stop and stare at Chelsea. If we are out and about in Singapore, I watch as people, young and … Continue reading

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Seth Rogen on Singapore – seriously cheap laughs

So Miguel  an ex co-worker and  friend on Facebook posted this YouTube clip and I had to take a look as I like Conan, and Seth Rogen, who while a little frat boy for my taste, can be funny and he was talking about … Continue reading

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Who am I? – well I know what I was…

Introduced myself to a client of my husbands this morning and did it again. Defined myself by what I was, rather than who I am. Yes, it’s true I was a Vice President for that Music Channel but I haven’t been … Continue reading

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