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My brothers on his way to Japan…

My brother called today – he’s on his way to Japan with 1.8 million barrels of Saudi best light crude oil. It takes a while for a huge super tanker to get there but they will in a few days and … Continue reading

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Seth Rogen on Singapore – seriously cheap laughs

So Miguel  an ex co-worker and  friend on Facebook posted this YouTube clip and I had to take a look as I like Conan, and Seth Rogen, who while a little frat boy for my taste, can be funny and he was talking about … Continue reading

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Mint and Rosemary Shower Gel

It occurred to me in the shower just now as I was lathering up a storm with an Aveda shower gel, that I smelt of Sunday Roast – traditional english roast lamb with mint sauce. Really pleasant – yes, memorable yes, … Continue reading

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Jake Gyllenhall’s cute intro to Passover

Sesame Street do Passover Seder traditions – very Cute (Jake G that is)!

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Fran can Fly

Francesca, aged 9, 50m butterfly SAS Fighting Fish Invitational Meet Feb 2011

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Morning Mayhem

It’s been a horrible 2011 so far with Chelsea spending way too much time at home sick or unable to be in school because of “maintenance issues”. Pressure sores, wheelchair adjustments, new helpers, the sheer logistics of getting her to … Continue reading

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Mom can you…the problem with Mommy Managers

Wipe up the dog pee!  Ah thanks goodness all those years of studying, exams and experience in the corporate world can be put to good use. It’s strange really how women get all the “good” jobs and then bizarrely manage to become expert … Continue reading

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