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The battle of the Sides, Mom vs Work

I titled this blog Mom on the Side as a reference to the almost schizophrenic existence that most working mothers have to lead running between the office and home but also to highlight my role with Chelsea, the Mom on the side of the bed, … Continue reading

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Exactly how much can I expect from her?

Chelsea doesn’t get A’s anymore. She used to. She made gold honor roll for all 4 quarters of 6th grade, and for the first quarter of 7th. She was our amazing girl in the wheelchair, always working hard, an A … Continue reading

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Two Girls on Wheels

Very excited today not because of the Royal Wedding but because Kristine came to visit we haven’t seen her for years and had completely lost touch. It was so great for the girls to catch up and find out what … Continue reading

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Mom can you…the problem with Mommy Managers

Wipe up the dog pee!  Ah thanks goodness all those years of studying, exams and experience in the corporate world can be put to good use. It’s strange really how women get all the “good” jobs and then bizarrely manage to become expert … Continue reading

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Who am I? – well I know what I was…

Introduced myself to a client of my husbands this morning and did it again. Defined myself by what I was, rather than who I am. Yes, it’s true I was a Vice President for that Music Channel but I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Angels no more

On days like today it is hard to remember that they used to be cute…even with the photos They really were Angels, if only on the high days and holidays, and they would do whatever was asked of them, eventually. Today on … Continue reading

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Today I was inspired and at the same time shamed by the writings of an astonishingly talented woman Heather Alessandro and her blog Grief Letters  which made me cry, laugh, sob and curl up in shame – a great read I can … Continue reading

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