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International Wheelchair Day 1st March 2012

Whenever we go somewhere for the first time I call ahead to ask about access for Chelsea. I am usually told sure no problem, then when I get there they tell me could you just drive around the building turn … Continue reading

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First painting sold – she’s happy now!

I have never thought much about what it means to an artist or creative person when you buy a piece of their work. While there must certainly be some artists that are in it for the money, most seem motivated by … Continue reading

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Diet Cokeless – Day 2

Every year I give up Diet Coke for Lent. It’s Day 2 so as always I am by now in full withdrawal and desperate for a fix.

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Painting makes me feel whole again

Why I Paint by Chelsea – reprinted from her blog (here) Painting is helping me express myself through colors.  I paint every Wednesday with Ms. McFadzen in her classroom.  We put tape underneath my wheelchair foot plate so that I have … Continue reading

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First Valentine’s Date – Ice Cream and a good friend

McTweeny got to celebrate Valentines’s Day (her first as a teenager) with the best possible date – ice cream and a friend. Thanks to Daisy for bringing round the ice cream, and I guess thanks also to Daisy’s boyfriend Sid … Continue reading

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Lost Love or Happy Ending?

Looking at the lists of top romance movies and love stories there’s definitely a clear division between the Love Lost and Happy Endings camp – my feeling is that your preference is age related or a reflection of the state of your … Continue reading

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Creative Voice – with wheels!

When you can’t move your hands, or your feet, or hold a brush in your mouth. When you can’t employ any of the conventional painting techniques … use your wheelchair. In a week when the ENT surgeon

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