7 Responses to Contact

  1. sandy says:

    i just saw a re-run of the anderson cooper show with Lisa Ling’s spastic remark. I don’t care so much about her but I would have expected more from Cooper. How would he like it if the word ‘gay’ was used as Ling used ‘spastic.” Did you ever contact either of them?

    And thanks for blogging about it.


    • Sandra F says:

      I sent a note through the email for Andersen’s show – no reply.. Mind you the show was cancelled not long after this episode aired. I just cannot believe she said it.


  2. JackB. says:

    Is there a place where one can volunteer his/her time to an org (ngo/ state run) in Singapore? If there are, what type of work do they require and how many hours do one need to put in? Thank you.


  3. Nick Jaskon says:

    Hi Sandra!

    My name is Nick, I’m 16 and from the Toronto, Canada area. I’ve been reading your blog posts, and I really admire all the awesome stuff you’re doing! I’ve been reading a lot online about disability, assistive technology, and disability awareness, and I was wondering if you or Chelsea would be open to answering a few questions? Mainly with regard to her life, etiquette, that type of stuff (I’m working on a few awareness projects). Looking forward to hearing from you!



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