She’s not me…just a better me!

There is a great website bearing my blog name momontheside, it’s really good, but it’s not mine. It could have been, I am pretty sure I planned to register the url when I started writing this blog, but, well who knows what I got distracted by.

Suffice to say is a lovely useful mommy site about being a great parent written by, and about, a lovely American lady from the Midwest, called Lisa.

She seems very nice. I get tweets for her all the time because she has a twitter account like I do, mine is called #momontheside, turns out hers is #amomontheside, so of course people get confused and I get lots of tweets for her. I don’t tweet much so it’s unlikely she gets lots of my tweets

She posts all the time, and her pintrest site  unlike mine is amazing, she has thousands of followers, I have less than 100.

I post in fits and starts.  This is my first post in a year.

Really,  a year!

Ok so in my defense there has been all the chaos with work, endless scary hospital stuff with Chelsea, oh and then there was the divorce that took more than a year. She’s happily married of course, and has twins, did I mention the twins. I don’t begrudge her the twins or the other two children, I have 3 she has 4,  or the nice looking husband, she has one,  I now have none.

And she’s younger!

She’s a better me!

Even I like her blog, her site, her interests, I like her, I like her more than me. 

More than 7 years ago I called this blog momontheside because I work and all the hours when I am not working are spent being a mom. The work and the Mom stuff are never balanced. (the Battle of the Sides) and it was the challenge of the sides which has always been my excuse. Other people are always commenting about how much I have on my plate and how they don’t know how I do it (ha do I really do anything well, apart from moaning and self pity that is). Oh and watching Netflix which Lisa does and publicizes much better than I do.

At this point Lisa,  and all those great other multitasking mommy bloggers (like Steph from was this in the plan –  which is about to be a book no less) would now give 10 tips to be a better me.

I have just back

Stop playing on the side and get in the game!

Hey Lisa, I’m back.

I think. Hopefully, if nothing else happens to distract me in the meantime that is.

oops gotta go!


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Juggling work, family and personal life without much success...
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