Two Girls on Wheels

Very excited today not because of the Royal Wedding but because Kristine came to visit we haven’t seen her for years and had completely lost touch.

It was so great for the girls to catch up and find out what the other has been doing. They have both grown so much in the last 4 years and there have been challenges and changes for both of them . Kristine is the only other girl we know like Chelsea and I was so happy that they bonded immediately. There was lots of sharing, talking and laughter.

They are the same age but ironically Chelsea who is British goes to the American School and Kristine who is American goes to the British School Tanglin so their paths may never have crossed if they both hadn’t done their FHC at St Ignatius.

Two Moms on the Side

Siyoung is an amazing Mom on the Side. She is a visiting Fellow (from Cornell I think – she is American)  and lecturer in media and communication studies at the National University of Singapore and has just completed her PhD while all the time managing Kristine’s school and medical needs.

For me it is just wonderful to have someone to talk to who lives in my shoes and understands totally what the challenge is.

Great Day – and the royal wedding hasn’t even started yet.


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3 Responses to Two Girls on Wheels

  1. sinneshill says:

    I love it, and hope they can get together often. So happy for Chelsea!!! Hugs — lots of hugs.


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  3. alan newman says:

    I can relate im a c4 complete apart from the vent ihave no movement except my head and neck but never give up hope


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