sorry but App isn’t a verb

Created with Nokia Smart CamPoster seen in an elevator recently which stopped me in my tracks. I rode up and down 5 floors just staring and scowling at it imagining the Good Grief speech bubble inside my head exploding.

I know its my Luddite soul coming out but is it really necessary to eliminate “contact” or “email” or even “use” just because you so desperately want to be trendy and in with the kids while you use the latest fad “applications”.

App means programs or software and to the surprise of many it wasn’t a term invented by Apple.

and it most definitely is not a verb. (yet?)

Love phones and computers but I hate all the “appy” jargon.

App us your comments !!


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3 Responses to sorry but App isn’t a verb

  1. App is short for application. Application is derived from the verb to apply….. from the latin applicare (to ‘fold, fasten to,’ from ad- ‘to’ + plicare ‘to fold.’)

    So it’s kind of come full circle. Note that we already ‘apply’ for a job.

    Wanted: Coder.
    Job description: Coding applications for thriving web app company.
    If you wish to apply for this job download the application form, fill it in and then app it to us 🙂


  2. MBev says:

    Ugh, I’m not sure I even understand how I would “app” them. I would have to download their app, then use the app to send a response??


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