Wishes will come true – tomorrow

The Make a Wish Foundation in Singapore is granting a wish tomorrow for Chelsea – she will go swimming for the first time in almost 5 years. My darling 13 year old girl  who is a quadriplegic and ventilated via tracheostomy will be wearing a custom made pink and purple wet suit and using equipment and the services of the Singapore Sports Disability council, Aquafins, the AWWA,  DNR Wheels and a cast of thousand wonderful kind people who have all donated their time so generously.

On the eve of this wonderful event Chelsea shared her feelings about what it means to her.

Wishing on a Star and IT COMING TRUE!

by Chelsea Fairclough

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved being in water. I went in the pool almost every single day. The pool was one of my best friends. Six o’clock in the morning, my first thought was always the pool. The water would whisper my name. The water and the rush of cold would make me feel wide awake. After school, I would visit and play with my friend, the pool. 

Swimming was always a way to connect with my body in water. On land, I couldn’t run as fast as the others, and I had terrible balance. In the water, I didn’t have these limits. In the water, I could play gymnast. I could play cheerleader. I could even be a mermaid if I wanted to. On land, feeling like a penguin was a disadvantage, but in the water, it was an advantage.  The water on my skin brought me feelings hope. Being in the water, it didn’t matter what if I waddled like a penguin. In the water, I could swim like a fish. But then, I got sick. Those feelings of being in the water had to stop. But they have never gone away.



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2 Responses to Wishes will come true – tomorrow

  1. Valerie Bush says:

    Chelsea, I hope you get to experience all of those wonderful feelings again with the aid of the wonderful organization who is putting so much effort into granting your wish. I look forward to seeing photos of you in your purple and pink suit!!
    With love and best wishes to my very brave niece,
    Aunt Val


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