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A letter to me about living with disability by Chelsea

Chelsea took part in an art exhibition by the NUHS Project Dreamcatchers – a support group for teenagers and young adults living with chronic and terminal illness. It was a fantastic event that enabled some people who often sit on … Continue reading

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Chelsea’s new assistant

Ms Mac’s daughter Lily was at our painting session today and was wonderfully open and curious about Chelsea, helping her to paint and then even cleaning her wheels at the end. She’s definitely hired! (Video below)

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First painting sold – she’s happy now!

I have never thought much about what it means to an artist or creative person when you buy a piece of their work. While there must certainly be some artists that are in it for the money, most seem motivated by … Continue reading

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Painting makes me feel whole again

Why I Paint by Chelsea – reprinted from her blog (here) Painting is helping me express myself through colors.  I paint every Wednesday with Ms. McFadzen in her classroom.  We put tape underneath my wheelchair foot plate so that I have … Continue reading

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Creative Voice – with wheels!

When you can’t move your hands, or your feet, or hold a brush in your mouth. When you can’t employ any of the conventional painting techniques … use your wheelchair. In a week when the ENT surgeon

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Disability can’t stop Creativity!

Chelsea is blessed by the great teachers in her life at the Singapore American School and for Art that teacher is the wonderfully talented and dedicated Kelly McFadzen. Ms Mac came up with the idea of wheelchair art to ensure that … Continue reading

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