The Oscars 2015 …hopes and dreams and national pride

2015-Oscars-Neil-Patrick-HarrisI’ve watched the Oscars every year since I was in college. I’ve stayed up late in the UK, got up early in Asia and usually taken the day off work all so I can watch it live. Big Fan. And with NPH in charge this year should be a good show (fingers crossed)

As with the tennis at Wimbledon when I scream for Andy (who won) and Tim (Henman who didn’t) the Oscars bring out all my national pride for British winners and this year the Theory of Everything and Eddie Redmayne carry all our hopes. I don’t think the movie will win Best Picture which seems to be a wide open race that any of the nominees could win, but Best Actor now we are definitely up for that one.

So come on Eddie – such a totally awesome performance. Far and away the best acting although given the Academy’s notorious propensity to feel sorry for the old guy (Birdman Keaton) or the oft passed over (American Sniper and 3 times nominee Bradley Cooper) the very best actor may see the gold man snatched from his deserving hands by a good but infinitely lesser performance. Hey if the Weinstein’s got their lobbying groove on the way they usually do even Sherlock  might win – and while that would be ok it wouldn’t be right.

Theory of Everything joins some of the best movies to feature people with disabilities and given Redmayne’s amazing performance it may even be the best. UK advocacy group Scope polled members on the best disability movies (see their post here).

I liked all on this list especially Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot but my real best did not make the list.  So if you haven’t seen them and want to be inspired by what can be possible in life when you are a quad (Chelsea’s comment not mine) then check out these two movies the amazing and funny The Intouchables and incredibly inspiring The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. They can be hard to watch, not because they are in French. but because they wonderfully portray the challenges faced everyday by quads like Chelsea and by the people who care and look after them. But hey no one said this life would be easy.

Enjoy the Oscars and good luck to all the Brits who are nominated. (full list here)


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