The battle of the Sides, Mom vs Work

working-momI titled this blog Mom on the Side as a reference to the almost schizophrenic existence that most working mothers have to lead running between the office and home but also to highlight my role with Chelsea, the Mom on the side of the bed, the chair, her life.

Somewhere in the last 8 years the working was lost and the Mom Side became the norm. I became a Mom first and working was fitted in when there was time or space to do so. The Mom Side role took over and the working professional faded into the shadows, and with it the sense of me,  my identity, was lost.

When Chelsea first got sick  my working life stood me in good stead to handle the pressure and challenges of dealing with the tsunami her medical condition wreaked on our life. Her needs and our new normal became a strategic plan to be developed, researched and implemented. I became knowledgeable about medical treatments, drugs and protocols, created new opportunities, marketed, sold  and promoted brand Chelsea on social media, at events, in the press…it was just like going to work just without any of the benefits.

The Work:Mom balance switched from 90:10 to 10:90 and for quite a while I hardly noticed and then as Chelsea ‘s new normal became normal for all of us, I wanted to get my work life back.

So after a long job search the universe realigned and I found my way back to the other side…I have been back working in the corporate sector since March, consulting and stretching my brain with business challenges and adult conversations and then rushing home to do the Mom stuff again.

As a result there has been little or no time for Facebook, blogs or even for her painting and all the Paintability activity has slowed down to the bare minimum of updates or pictures. And so of course I feel horribly guilty and I worry that I have let her down.

And then to compound matters recently Chelsea got sick and our helper left and two failed helpers later we were left with no support.  For 2 months.

It’s like the Mom Side is testing me for daring to go back to work! 


About Sandra F

Juggling work, family and personal life without much success...
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2 Responses to The battle of the Sides, Mom vs Work

  1. Susan Black says:

    Yea! You are back! I missed the other side of you. You most definitely never ignore any of your “mum” responsibilities. I do want to come and meet up next time you are stateside. Love you more than you will ever know xx


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