the page turned and now it seems anything is possible

All we’ve ever wanted, a simple device that could help her turn the page.

Photo by Janet Taub

Photo:  Janet Taub, Planetphoto.usa        

For the last 6 years, one of the most frequent things Chelsea has said is “Next Page”. Reading is one of the main pleasures in her life and she reads voraciously – the down side for us has been turning the pages, every 30 seconds or less. Often for up to 3 or 4 hours. Whether it’s been a Kindle or an I-Pad, Android tablet or a good old-fashioned book someone has always had to turn the page for her – (read here)

until this week!

When you can’t move your head at all,  and your voice is too weak to use voice controls and you have nystagmus so you can’t use eye tracking software there doesn’t seem to be any solutions that don’t come in under $25,000 which believe me is way out of our price range.

Thanks to Dr Duane Melsom, Zachary and Chelsea’s AP Computer Science teacher at SAS and awesome inventor of gadgets and gizmos, we seem to be well on the way to giving control back to the girl in the chair.

2014 – things are definitely getting better!


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