Just a normal morning – and then some!

Chelsea broke her wheelchair this morning –  the obvious question is how but the real question is why.

How? – She drove so fast into the car that she crashed into the seat and broke the footplate and leg support.

Why? –  because she was angry. At all of us and with the world. Just a normal teenager stomping around and banging things except she does it with a wheelchair and when she does it terrifies us.

We’re terrified she will drive off the ramp or fall out of her chair or damage her ventilator or just hurt herself.

Cue the shouting and the crying and the nuclear fallout. Everyone’s frightened and upset and worried and blaming everyone else and then blaming themselves. And Chelsea sits on the side rolling her eyes in disgust and staring at us all.

Anger management like stress management is easy unless I am angry or stressed, which some would say is all the time. I googled anger management and physically disabled and got lots of references to learning and cognitive disabilities resources – maybe that’s why there are so many angry “cripples” (their own community term not mine). Spent hours trying to get my head round how to get a better understanding of what’s going on in her head.

Any Suggestions or ideas?

Just a normal morning, and then some.


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One Response to Just a normal morning – and then some!

  1. From an ink smeared page says:

    I like your comment about anger management working when you’re not angry – I think that sums most of us up 🙂


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