One photoshoot and I’m done

Total respect to those that do this sort of thing every day – even or maybe especially the Kardashians.  But I know now, even if I didn’t before that I couldn’t be famous, if this is what it involves.

Chelsea being photographed painting for two hours was a great way to spend Saturday morning. We all had great fun  but it was hard work and it showed me again why I could never ever do a reality show and I really would hate to be famous and be photographed constantly. Chelsea on the other hand is a pro, she could easily handle the attention as she does everything else, with total ease. My girl is truly amazing – must be all those hours watching ANTM as I swear she was even doing the eye thing smizing or whatever Tyra Banks calls it.

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The paintings however were great and Chelsea produced two fabulous paintings  which will be part of the Dreamcatchers 2013 exhibition at Sculpture Square from July 19 onward so it was definitely worth it.

small acrylic on canvas panel 30 x 45cm      Paintability for Dreamcatchers 2013


Chelsea checks the finished painting Paintability for Dreamcatchers 2013


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