The Joy

I read the Ordinary Days post The Joy after I had raced around organizing a present for my daughters special needs teacher. It was the boost I needed to remember to be grateful. It’s a challenge sometimes for me to acknowledge and accept that others see and feel for my precious girl more than I do – I think it helps me to see her in a different way, less of a daily “burden” (challenge) and more of a gift. When teachers tell me that Chelsea  has made them a better teacher or better person, I sometimes think they are just being kind or nice or pc. The challenge is always for me to divorce myself from the everyday logistical challenges of looking after her and to see what they see – her awesomeness.

Ordinary Days

I bawled. I hung up from talking to the teacher and bawled.

She called tonight before dinner asking for a paper I was to sign. Even though I had signed it and sent it back today, the last day of school before summer break, she hadn’t seen it. While we talked, she realized where the paper probably was so she said to disregard her call.

Then she stopped. She said, “No. Don’t disregard my call. It gives me the chance to say thank you for my necklace — I wore it today.”

And then she went on to tell me how much Chloe means to her … how much Chloe has changed her … and what a tremendous blessing it has been to have her. “I love Chloe and will always love Chloe.”

She mentioned the note I wrote to her that I stuck in the bag with her necklace…

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2 Responses to The Joy

  1. Janet says:

    Sometimes I think we have a hard time accepting a compliment or a kind word. Are we looking for the hidden agenda? Do we suspect that they are just being “PC” because so many people seem to say what they think you want to hear? Step back from the crazy end of school madness and remember that so many people actually are genuine – accept and enjoy their kind words.


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