Christmas Actually

love-actuallyChristmas is all around us again, just without the snow.

Sorry Billy stole your line there.

I haven’t been in snow at Christmas for about ten years now, haven’t even been cold since my mom died 6 years ago and yet every year once the Christmas tree is up, I crank up the aircon and start the annual Christmas movie fest with this my favorite Christmas Movie (although The Holiday with Cameron and Kate Jack and Jude is a close second).

Yes, I do own DVD’s of the classic It’s a Wonderful Life, but to be honest I rarely watch it and I lent it last year to a teacher friend and wont miss it this year either. And while I still love Miracle on 34th Street I can’t get my kids to love it as much as I do.  It also sits at the bottom of the pile, under White Christmas which they like better but quite rightly don’t think of as a Christmas movie.

I looked up a list of top  Christmas movies on IMdB where there are lots but they are all mostly the same and once I had gotten over the shock of finding out that someone somewhere considers Die Hard a great Christmas movie! (give me strength who are these people) I found out that Love Actually and The Holiday didn’t even make the list in most cases. Elf usually does and all 3 Santa Clauses and even Jingle All the Way is on some lists but not the Holiday and rarely Love Actually.

Is it the Britishness of them, with all the English actors and scenes set in London? Or the sex? I found out just how much sex we had missed when Love Actually came, cut to shreds to Singapore,  when I watched an original version last week with my 14 yer old daughter. She’s never seen it before and it turned out neither had I.  Porn, even funny porn featuring The Hobbit was not what I wanted her to experience. So maybe it is the sex given that most of the lists are  compiled by Americans.

She did get to see my favorite two bits of Actually.

The first lobster or any traditional character in the Nativity play is something my American school kids never had the chance to be.  Emma Thompson’s reaction as the mom receiving the new of her daughters part is brilliant and the mere thought of it makes me smile and remember my own stellar performance as the Angel Gabriel .

And then there is the Total Agony of Love as Sam tells his Step Dad played by Liam Neeson that he is in love.

Sure there are some of the story lines that I am not so fond of (Colin and the trip to Milwaukee to get laid as well as the insipid Natalie and Karl) but in the main I like all of them even Prime Minister Hugh Grant dancing his way around number 10 and pissing off Billy Bob as the American President.

But mostly I love Emma Thompson for being the perfect mother I can never be. Supportive, organized, a good  friend and sister and someone who handles her husband’s infidelity with stoic control and grace.

When Love Actually first came out I saw it on my birthday, on a rare and maybe the last date I had with my husband. He’s still around we just don’t go on dates anymore. We don’t do much of anything together anymore, except look after Chelsea and we don’t really even do that together.

Sad Actually would be a better title for our movie  and Emma would be perfect to play me (ha). Here’s the original trailer for those that aren’t familiar with the movie. Merry Christmas.


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