An Iraqi dinner, Kosher animals and “Rabbi Google”…(video)

Sat with an amazing diverse group of  people at a dinner table in Singapore last evening for a delicious dinner of traditional Iraqi foods made by our wonderful hosts the Solomons.

How we English, Scots, Americans, Singaporeans and Israelis to name a few of the many nationalities present, quite got to a discussion on what makes an animal Kosher I have no idea but it became quite fascinating.  As an Israeli couple debated Lions vs Camels lively in Hebrew,   and the Jews explained to the Christians the importance of the shape of hooves, cloven or otherwise, the answer became a translators nightmare as it went from Hebrew to English to Mandarin and back.   It became clear that only “Rabbi Google” would be able to answer the question for all of us.

Thanks to “Rabbi Google” I found  a great Torah Live video from the Jerusalem Zoo and with that an answer…

Great night out, fabulous Iraqi  food and company and interesting thought-provoking conversation  – feel very blessed to know such people.


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