Essential Upgrade

Turn the Page – if you have read my blog before you may remember my open letter to  Steve Jobs and request that he and the Apple elves take up the challenge and turn their attention to creating something to transform the life of my quadriplegic daughter – I even came up with an Apple friendly I-able or I- empower moniker.

So this week as our family upgraded to 5 when the new latest greatest I-Phone arrived in Singapore and joined the recently acquired MacBook and numerous other Mac and PC gizmos in her school bag – it was situation normal and the  ruddy thing had not one function or “App” that was going to help her. And yes we have tried Pads and Kindles and all the other electronic solutions that for a quadriplegic middle schooler or high schooler that needs to read text books and can’t tolerate electronic screens for too long are no help.

And then the unthinkable happened and tragedy struck.

The $25 pink plastic book stand that has been the God send in her life for the last 4 years broke. An extensive search online revealed a ready source on e-bay but the book shop where we bought the last one has disappeared and a troll round various malls was fruitless – things were beginning to look very dire

Enter Bookstand 2.0 – the replacement is definitely less teen friendly being an office dreary grey but hey it does have page holders. Even better it was all of $13. And it works perfectly!

Low tech wins the day yet again – Eat your heart out Apple!

And Mark Z as I said before (here) when Stevie J sadly passed there is still time for you to work your magic…


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