Vintage Hoodie on Tour

When I joined MTV in 1992 one of the first pieces on merchandise I was given was an MTV Unplugged Hoodie – I hardly ever wore it. Fast forward 20 years and my “vintage” hoodie is having quite the resurgence.

Zach has had a busy month – first trekking in Dharamsala and last week he took part in the Beimun Model United Nations Congress in Beijing.  Everywhere he went from the Dalai Lama’s temple to Tiananmen Square the MTV Unplugged Hoodie made an appearance.

Not bad for a 20-year-old piece of merchandise that has spent the last 17 years in Singapore gathering dust in the winter clothes suitcase.

The lovely and talented Sarah – the dancer on the right of the picture  is also at SAS in Singapore and was at Beimun with him. “My son dancing in the streets of Beijing” now there’s a caption I never thought I would write.


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