Chelsea’s Make a Wish Video

The official video for Chelsea’s Make a Wish Swim went live yesterday and I hope that you will all be inspired to repost and share the story with a wider audience.

What a truly amazing day it was. Thank you again to Make a Wish Singapore and to the team at Big Red Button for the great video.

Make A Wish – Chelsea’s Story from Big Red Button on Vimeo.


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7 Responses to Chelsea’s Make a Wish Video

  1. Oh Sandra, thank you for posting this. I loved seeing Chelsea have this opportunity! I have missed your family this year.
    Much love,
    Nurse Shelly:)


    • Sandra F says:

      So wonderful to see your name and thank you for the kind comments. We miss you too. Hope life in Tunisia is good and that the family are all well. Thank you so much for the support


  2. Debbie Woodfield says:

    I defy anyone to watch that without crying!! I’m so delighted for you all.


    • Sandra F says:

      Thanks Debbie, as you can tell from the video I am a “cryer” blubbing like crazy all the time so I can’t make it through the opening photos without tears in my eyes.


  3. Becky Green says:

    I cannot imagine watching anything better than this; I am so grateful it was forwarded on to me. Your blog resonates with the fabulous that is your family. (Please tell Zach warm hellos from Mrs. Green.)


  4. Trisha Johnson says:

    This was a fabulous watch! I am thankful for Shelly for posting it. Please say hello to Zach. I wish you and your family continued happiness.
    Trisha Johnson
    (former MS Psychologist and basketball coach at SAS)


  5. Janice O' connor says:

    I agree with Debbie Woodfield. Very happy for Chelsea! Thumbs up for the Make A Wish team!!!


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