First painting sold – she’s happy now!

I have never thought much about what it means to an artist or creative person when you buy a piece of their work. While there must certainly be some artists that are in it for the money, most seem motivated by the act and art of creating. This week the impact that selling a piece of your work can have, was brought home to me. The validation and approval were like electricity powering up Chelsea’s spirit as someone for the very first time bought one of her paintings. 

Last Friday, the day before the county fair Chelsea posted this on her blog:

The PTA County Fair is tomorrow and I am nervous. I’ve never really shown my paintings on this big of a scale before. I have always just painted for fun. Will anyone like it? Will anyone bid? Who will eventually buy it? If someone buys it I will feel relieved and also scared because it means they have part of me. I put everything into my paintings.  If someone doesn’t bid I’ll be disappointed because it took a lot of effort to make the painting look the way it does.

She went from being nervous and very excited to totally terrified overnight. At first she refused to go, convinced no one would buy the painting or that it would raise only a few dollars.

She had a great time, meeting up with teachers and friends she had not seen for some time, having her face painted with a butterfly in honor of the painting and eating lots of great food. She had her picture taken with lots of different people in front of her “Butterfly Freedom 1” painting and was thrilled (and mightily reassured) by how much people liked it

The painting was bought  for $1,200.- which all goes to the PTA charities and nominated recipients.

She sold Butterfly 1 (of 3 - the one on the right hand side above)

The wonderfully talented Angie of FramingAngie Art Gallery  in Holland Village designed and framed the piece for her and has kindly offered to help her with the exhibition. She is amazing and manages to transform and beautifully frame even the smallest and most insignificant piece.

Chelsea was bursting with pride and excitement. She was thrilled and kept saying over and over how glad she was that people seemed to like her work. Which bodes well for her exhibition and fundraiser that is coming up next month. (The Paintability Suite).

Don’t forget to check back for more details on the exhibition or on how to bid or buy one of her pieces and let me know if you like the painting.

So proud of my girl today and every day. 

see Chelsea in action painting (videos)

You can’t stop the beat 

Butterfly Fly Away 


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