Diet Cokeless – Day 2

Every year I give up Diet Coke for Lent. It’s Day 2 so as always I am by now in full withdrawal and desperate for a fix.

For me there is definitely the easy abstinence list of chocolate, candy  alcohol and meat and then there is the much more difficult list including coffee, chips (crisps for the English among you) and Diet Coke. The rule of the house is that I should never attempt more than two of the second list if sanity is to be maintained. (theirs not mine)

All I know is that the 40 days of abstaining from stuff I probably shouldn’t eat anyway combined with losing or trying to lose some negative behaviors (impatience, procrastination, anger and the perennial swearing) always inspires me to be a better person and sometimes I almost become one. It’s a start anyway.

Only 38 days and nights to go. Lord help me. 


About Sandra F

Juggling work, family and personal life without much success...
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