Creative Voice – with wheels!

When you can’t move your hands, or your feet, or hold a brush in your mouth. When you can’t employ any of the conventional painting techniques … use your wheelchair.

In a week when the ENT surgeon and speech therapist didn’t give the best news about Chelsea’s speaking voice (paralyzed vocal cord+ reduced lung capacity+24 hour ventilation via tracheotomy+ brainstem haemangiomas ≠ vocal strength it seems), Chelsea decided it was still time for more people to hear her.

So she has entered one of her paintings into the  charity Auction at the SAS Annual County Fair.

Lot 808Butterfly Freedom I (part of a series of 3) Artist: Chelsea Fairclough – aged 13.

So fingers crossed someone will buy her painting (it’s for charity after all so please bid) and I hope it inspires people to want to come and see the exhibition in April. (More details soon).  You can watch her painting in a video here and read the amazing story of how a butterfly flew into the art room while she was painting here.

We can never thank Kelly Mac her art teacher enough. Kelly came up with the idea to enable Chelsea to paint and continues to inspire and empower her. She is everything that you want a teacher to be inspiring, creative, dedicated and talented.

And I am really happy to report that Chelsea is back to blogging with 3 new posts this week. Read Chelsea’s Blog: The World to Chelsea  with posts about painting, the challenges of growing up, and some exciting news about her blog and the  Paralympics. Thanks are due as always to her blog-guru Ms Crystal Vaught.

When Chelsea read my last post about her not getting A’s anymore she gave me a hard time and told me to remember that she is AWESOME. 

Totally Awesome Chelsea – You Rock!


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