Enough with the failure, frustration and catastrophe – bring on the success

According to Sumner Redstone, who has no idea who I am even though I did essentially work for him for 10 years when I was at MTV, Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes its built on catastrophe. Soichiro Honda went even further and said Success is 99% Failure. So if Sumner and Soichiro were right the good news  for me is that success should be just round the corner and is bound to be big when it happens given that last year, the last couple of years have been all about failure, frustration and catastrophe.

Don’t get me wrong, I have known success, had quite a lot of success actually and yet the last couple of years has seen me bogged down and struggling. Why? Well, while it would be lovely to have someone or something to blame and certainly the global recession and financial meltdown played a big part, the responsibility can be laid squarely at my own feet.

Even though my actions  are almost always driven by good intentions and the desire to do the very best I can for myself and most importantly the children , the real story is that the failures were invariably the result of two things. #1  inactivity and #2 making poor choices, bad decisions and often having a flawed strategy and approach.  In other words, the inevitable outcome of way too many errors in judgment.

So what’s next? To ensure it’s not more of the same in 2012 clearly I need to do things differently. Like many people this first week in January seems to be all about locking in a strategy for success for the year. Developing new strategies and having ideas is what I do well so this week has been full of optimistic musings and dreams.

When I am training corporate executives one thing I find myself saying over and over again is  “Strategy without Action is just a lot of hot air” and then I tell this story:

so I guess if everything I need to succeed is within me then step 1 could be to switch the Reeboks for Nike and:

Just Do it!

Watch this space…


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Juggling work, family and personal life without much success...
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