Still haven’t – 1 done (almost)

Did 4 hours of ironing this morning… hey it’s a start!

Still Haven’t List  (December 5 2011) – see #5

  1. Made enough of a difference
  2. Been to Australia, or NZ or anywhere (in the last 4 years)
  3. Lost 20Kg
  4. Read any Hemingway
  5. Done all the ironing – in progress
  6. Got my Masters…

See here for the full list 


About Sandra F

Sandra Fairclough has more than 20 years international experience as a senior executive & vice president of a major Fortune 100 media company. She is a working mother who balances her life as a management consultant, speaker and coach with her other roles as a wife and mother to 3 amazing and extraordinary children, one of whom Chelsea is a C1/C2 tracheostomy ventilated quadriplegic.
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