Birthday Regrets…the still haven’t list

I woke up thinking that the regrets swimming through my head today, my birthday, might be a less than positive thing.  Another year and I still haven’t … well the list of things I still haven’t is huge and getting longer all the time. (see below for the list ), so to distract myself I did the thing that is probably the primary cause of the list getting longer, I logged on and checked the news, Facebook and all the other web distractions I could find at 5.30am, and in the process came across  this great Ted Video and realized that the regrets are perhaps the very thing that make me me. Flawed, older and with a longer list of regrets,  but  uniquely me. Happy Birthday me!

Still Haven’t List  (December 5 2011)

  1. Made enough of a difference
  2. Been to Australia, or NZ or anywhere (in the last 4 years)
  3. Lost 20Kg
  4. Read any Hemingway
  5. Done all the ironing
  6. Got my Masters
  7. Taken Francesca to the Art Museum
  8. Found my dream job
  9. Stopped making excuses for…everything
  10. Given up gossip and trash TV
  11. Eaten durian
  12. Learnt Mandarin
  13. Got back on track financially
  14. Made Chelsea happier
  15. Reconnected with Kay, Jennie  and everyone else I said I would call and haven’t
  16. Become the person, mother, inspiration I want and need to be
  17. Learnt how to cook fish properly
  18. Started and continued to exercise
  19. All those things I said and did… without thinking first
  20. Forgiven all those people I need to forgive starting with myself

About Sandra F

Juggling work, family and personal life without much success...
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One Response to Birthday Regrets…the still haven’t list

  1. Susan Black says:

    too hard on yourself… happy with what you have…….life passes us by in the blink of an eye. I love you just the way you are.


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