The McNasty Masterchef

Masterchef US – Season 2 finale was on TV Sunday night here and we watched a truly unpleasant person get crowned the new Masterchef in what would have been better called McNastyChef.

Not that winner Jennifer was any better than the runner-up arrogant Christian or the unbelievably, unpleasant, vile Suzie, all three spent most of their time rolling their eyes at the gallery, spitting unpleasant comments and sabotaging each other.

It seems only Ben and Adrian were able to focus on the cooking and remember that it was Masterchef  not some Survivor Kitchen Island where you are asked to spend more time plotting and sabotaging the other players than cooking amazing food.

Love the BBC original where the quality and sophistication of the food seems to be light years ahead of the US version. It is  still the best for amazing inspiring food without any of the Survivor drama.  Same for Masterchef Australia – great food, admittedly there is a little bit more drama as they have the reality format the US seems to have adopted and some of the judges are a little creepy but the people are so much nicer and support and celebrate each others successes instead of the spitting epithets and schadenfreude we see in the US version.

My ten-year old asked me why the people were so nasty and unpleasant on the show.  Ah, my little Padawan, because it seems  in the Amazing Jersey Shore Race, Cowellian, Survivor world of today’s US TV if it aint Nasty it seems they think nobody will watch.

Off to watch Downton Abbey now bye…


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