Today’s challenge, 3 Halloween outfits – cool make up essential

I think my children believe that I am really a contestant on some never-ending TV reality show challenge – a sort of Top Chef/Hell’s Kitchen/Are you smarter than/Survivor hybrid where they get to test my ability and endurance on a daily basis.  This weeks mystery box challenge – Halloween. You have one hour go…

Chelsea and her RLA teacher Mrs G

Chelsea has already announced that she would like to be a vampire this year with fangs and cool make up and ideally blood.

No problem, just work around the wheelchair and remember that only her legs and arms are usually visible. And under no circumstances can she look the same as she did last year when she went as a Goth.

As for Zach, there will be a point in the next 48 hours, probably sometime after 6 on Sunday, when my sophomore son will remember that Monday is Halloween and he will then ask me to magically create an outfit out of nothing. A good one Mom, that is topical, funny, cool and this year probably given his age, it should also be hot (as in appealing not warm).

Zach is the master of the last-minute requests the most recent one being,  Mom I know it’s 11 on a Sunday evening but it’s Social Studies something celebration tomorrow and I have to take brownies and cupcakes for 30 people. Are you ready go!

Fran of course is the easiest and has already agreed to wear last years outfit but she would like make up like the year before. Easy. No problem.

Oh and black nail varnish Mom, with a design on them you know like a spider’s web or a pumpkin  – oh please shoot me now.

Using the “you know kids we are English and don’t really do Halloween” never works so once again it’s going to be chaos as I can use only the things in the cupboard  and the clock is already ticking…



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2 Responses to Today’s challenge, 3 Halloween outfits – cool make up essential

  1. if you love Halloween then you probably have a pretty good chance of winning my competition! its just a bit of fancy dress fun 🙂


    • Sandra F says:

      Thanks for the comment – I read your bucket list and I like your style. Maybe it’s my age or just luck but I could cross out many of them you know the living overseas, riding an elephant, holding a tarantula, learning a foreign language(German), having a baby (3), living on all the continents (except Antarctica come on), but having a song written about you – you rock as my daughter would say!


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