Hey Mark, with Steve gone we need you…

Last December I wrote a technology wish list and open letter to Steve Jobs asking him for his help on the Top 10 things that could make Chelsea’s life easier. (here)

I thought they could be part of his “I-able” or “I-empower” range, taking Apple from the toy department to the game changing tools section. (OK, yes as you can probably guess I don’t own a single Apple product but my husband and kids love them and I do think they are wonderfully shiny and sexy).

Looking at the amazing Apple range of products,  and from all that I have seen and read, Steve Jobs was a passionate innovator, and it is one of those that is needed if the daily life of Chelsea and other people with disability is to be truly transformed and made better by technology.

Bill, and Melinda, are busy with their amazing foundation so I guess I’ll need to find a new friend especially as we will probably need to update the list.

Suit up Zuckerberg – you now have the baton and we are all counting on you!  


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Juggling work, family and personal life without much success...
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