Disability can’t stop Creativity!

Chelsea is blessed by the great teachers in her life at the Singapore American School and for Art that teacher is the wonderfully talented and dedicated Kelly McFadzen. Ms Mac came up with the idea of wheelchair art to ensure that Chelsea could be part of an art class a couple of years ago. The resulting picture made it into the school art exhibition and Chelsea was proud but not yet fully engaged- that came when Kelly continued to push her to do some after school art  and we started playing the Glee videos they both love while she painted.

You can’t stop the beat inspired this weeks piece and each week she is more and more focused and inspired to pair the music and the colours and images she sees. The images are wonderfully complex and abstract and everyone who sees them is in wonder of the technique and the startling beauty of the paintings.  (see more here on Chelsea’s blog)

The Tate Gallery in London tweeted about her on their Tate Kids site and she is writing a piece for them to explain how she does it and what inspires her.

Chelsea is lucky she has an amazing art teacher with the talent and access to great resources to be able to inspire and enable her to express herself.  With Glee providing the music it is a joyful sight to behold.

Go Chelsea !


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