Kate McCann – 4 years in purgatory searching for Madeleine

I read Allison Pearson’s blog in the Telegraph Online (still call it the Torygraph in my head) if you don’t know her she wrote the seminal book of fiction  “I don’t know how she does it” about a working mother ironically called Kate, whose life unravels. It is about to be probably ruined as a movie by having Sarah Jessica Parker play the title role – good supporting cast though.

Back to Purgatory – Allison’s P’s blog this week begins with Kate McCann’s new book Madeleine. It’s 4 years since Madeleine McCann went missing from that apartment in the Algarve and for 4 years I imagine that the incredibly brave Kate McCann and her husband and gone to bed and laid in silence and made the same prayer every night. Let her be safe, let her not be suffering, bring her back to us, or keep her in your loving arms Lord.

For such a long time the press had most of Britain and a great many people around the world making the same prayer however in the absence of any other suspects it seems the seemingly in control stiff upper lip Doctors McCann were destined to become the tabloid villans of the piece.

I’ve met  a lot of pediatricians and doctors that deal with very sick children  on a regular basis and I have often been amazed and sometimes even appalled by their  seeming lack of emotion and ability not be affected by the tragedy and drama that exists around them – and then you realize that they can only be, and do, what they have to do to save the lives around them, if they can control their reactions and emotions.

That two doctors could appear cold in public wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Sure it takes a bit of getting used to, but then you become grateful and humbled that they can, and that’s why they can do the things they have to do even, or especially, when it is a tiny baby or heatbreakingly cute child.

Its been almost 4 years since Chelsea became a quadriplegic and our life changed completely. Stephen and I don’t go to bed each night and lie together and pray because every night for the last 4 years, including all the 150 plus nights in the ICU, one of us has slept by the side of her bed, to be there if she wakes up or needs us.

But wherever I am, I make a not dissimilar prayer to the one I imagine the McCann’s making but with one big difference. Each day for us  is to be celebrated and we are grateful to have Chelsea still with us. The purgatory of the last 4 years have challenged it seems every aspect of our life and every day we stand on the brink of disaster not knowing what will, or could go wrong the next day… but unlike Kate McCann I have my girl to hold and comfort and delight in, and for that, as every day for the last 4 years I am so truly grateful.

I hope the book makes the McCann’s the money they need to keep pushing the authorities and to enable them to keep searching for Madeleine and then one day soon she will be able to hold her precious girl in her arms again and be more at peace.


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