Make a Wish

Some really nice people from the Make a Wish Foundation in Singapore came over to talk to Chelsea to see if they could make a wish come true for her.

Problem:  She doesn’t know what to wish for, apart from the obvious. (see her Just want to be Normal poem) and then it became clear that the thing that she should wish for, should be the thing she misses the most – Swimming. 

Chelsea in the Pool in Bali 2006 – the last time she travelled out of Singapore!

Ever since Chelsea saw a picture of Christopher Reeve enjoying a hydrotherapy session she has dreamt of being able to swim or just be in water again.  Reeve did up to 3 hours of aquatherapy a week as part of an aggressive therapy regime. The former Superman was an amazing advocate for people with SCI and The Reeve foundation have worked tirelessly to continue Christopher’s legacy with research and fundraising for SCI and paralysis patients.

So her wish is to be able to go in water again.  Not easy we know, all the things that could go wrong are flashing constantly in my head. The hospital she attends does not even have a hydrotherapy pool so some out of the box thinking is called for – not necessarily one of our strengths here in Singapore.

So what sounds a little boring and mundane – is actually a huge ask that requires an organization like Make a Wish to weave some Magic and make things happen.

Fingers Crossed.

The Make a Wish Foundations around the world grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Their work is made possible thanks to the kind support of people and organizations around the world  – please consider donating and help grant a wish.


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