Seth Rogen on Singapore – seriously cheap laughs

So Miguel  an ex co-worker and  friend on Facebook posted this YouTube clip and I had to take a look as I like Conan, and Seth Rogen, who while a little frat boy for my taste, can be funny and he was talking about my hometown. 

Knowing the average movie promo tour schedule Rogen probably was in Singapore for about 24 hours and left the Four Seasons or Sands only to go to an interview and the airport on the way home. But apparently he learnt enough to form an opinion about Singapore and share it with Conan’s braying parochial audience.

I read the comments on YouTube and the patriotic hackals are certainly up and the people here in Singapore  are taking the criticism badly. Developing markets like some religious groups take themselves very seriously and do not have a sense of humour much less a self deprecating one.

I just thought the jokes were lame and old and lazy – 15 year old stories of an American teenager caned for vandalism, zero tolerance for drugs and cheap digs about gum and democracy that should roll like water off a proverbial Singapore ducks back especially when you look at the economy here vs the US.

But hey you  do have gum!! 


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2 Responses to Seth Rogen on Singapore – seriously cheap laughs

  1. Janet says:

    It was a little scary there? Seriously? Has he been to New Orleans recently? The tourist office starts out by telling you where you shouldn’t go, but hey, at least they have gum there. Gotta love sweeping statements and generalizations.


    • Sandra F says:

      It was the “hey look at the weird foreigners who put up with this, how can they live ” vibe that I disliked the most. The complete belief that there is only one way, the American way is a strength but also such an enourmous weakness as it slows down change and progress, something Singapore has done so much of in the 15 years since the Fey incident and since I have lived here. hey we even have gum – anyone can buy it at the dentist or at a drug store.


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