Morning Mayhem

Getting in the Car is a two person job (Ok it's a van not a car - but it's a lovely red Ranault Traffic Minibus Van that was adapted for her use)

It’s been a horrible 2011 so far with Chelsea spending way too much time at home sick or unable to be in school because of “maintenance issues”.

Pressure sores, wheelchair adjustments, new helpers, the sheer logistics of getting her to and from school and the challenge for Stephen and myself to always be  available to coordinate transport can all stop her from being a normal (sic) seventh grader.

But today she is there. Fingers crossed


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Juggling work, family and personal life without much success...
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2 Responses to Morning Mayhem

  1. siobhan says:

    I think because i have only seen Chelsea when she is out and about – you just forget the amazing job you guys do behind the scenes to make life ordinary (used that word in the nicest possible way!).
    Glad to hear she is back at school – sounds like you have had a rough start to 2011 – here’s hoping the luck of the Irish is with you (this week being St Patricks Day) and that the rest of 2011 gets much better.
    Siobhan x


    • Sandra F says:

      Thanks Siobahn, it is amazing what we are all capable of when needs must, and like most people we focus on what we are not doing rather than acknowledging the great things we do… thanks for the support XX and Happy St P Day


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