Angels no more

On days like today it is hard to remember that they used to be cute…even with the photos

They really were Angels, if only on the high days and holidays, and they would do whatever was asked of them, eventually. Today on the other hand, has been an endless round of firefighting as I try to stem the tide of chaos and upset that constantly engulfs my children.

So what are the problems today?

Well , Chelsea hates 7th grade and would much rather stay at home. Which by the way she often has to when she is sick or too tired or struggling with her wheelchair and pressure sores. Just getting her out of bed is a 4 act drama that gets us up at 5.30 every day and hopefully out of the house by 7.15.  So today for the 11th consecutive school day she is at home in bed. She will do school work and even keeps up to date with homework (usually), she just doesn’t want to have to go to school and actually deal with the reality of being the ultimate toxic middle schooler. You know the kid that everyone else avoids because they are not only not popular they are almost treated as if they are toxic to everyone else’s chance of popularity. 

Francesca on the other hand loves school I am just not sure it loves her. She struggles with reading and writing this year as the jump in 4th grade work  has exposed her phonic auditory weaknesses. Phonic auditory weakness? oh that’s when you can’t differentiate phonetic sounds and this apparently affects recognition of high frequency words and as a result reading writing and pretty much everything you do at school. Fran having had teachers with accents from Australia, Canada, Singapore, Texas, Boston and the UK in the last 5 years has no idea how most words are supposed to sound so I can sympathize with her a bit. But really she mostly struggles with friends, and socializing which is a complete mystery to me as she was the ultimate social kid that everyone loved until this year.

And Zach? Ok I admit Zach is getting it together and he is teenage boy cute, all 6 foot 2 with size 14 feet at aged almost 15, and not at all sure of himself, hormones raging, totally irritating, eat everything in the house, can’t pick up after himself, never do anything he’s asked, taller than his Dad cute.  It’s just the battle for consistent grades and the backchat, and assumption that as a dinosaur I truly have no understanding of anything.

So tell me where did the cute go?  


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