Glee – Christmas hell

For us, watching Glee is usually a wonderful family experience: love the songs and dancing(most of the time), love the amazing Emmy deserving Jane Lynch / Sue Sylvester, love Becky, love the slushies, love the advocacy for everything minority and challenging and we especially love Artie – the wheelchair bound, all singing, had two girlfriends, geeky friend of the quarterback one. So why did we all hate the Glee Christmas Christmakuh episode?

Well first the songs: Glee managed once again to choose the most obscure, least memorable and uninspiring Christmas Songs ever; with the exception of the duets for Finn and Rachel ( Wham’s Last Christmas which was cute) and Kurt/Blaine’s Baby it’s Cold Outside.  Appreciate the PC rules make Silent Night a challenge but you couldn’t have found at least one song that people know?

The Clothes: I know at times the desire to recreate a Doris Day Rock Hudson movie overtakes Ryan Murphy and the Gleeks but seriously has any adult or high schooler anywhere in the last 20 years worn reindeer festooned red tartan sweaters and cardigans like Will and the gang?

And then there was Artie and his amazing “rewalk™”. I am sure Israel’s ARGO Medical Technologies will benefit from the amazing additional publicity for their $100K plus bionic walking aide but seriously!  All I want for Christmas is for my quadriplegic to be able to walk – why don’t we write to Santa mom? Seriously!

Glee has in the past gotten it so right with some things (Artie in Dream On and Wheels episodes, Cheerleader Becky, Mercedes and the Kurt story lines) and then this season it just seems to be off the mark, taking itself a little too seriously and being a little self-indulgent.

So what should have been the “most wonderful night” ended up a huge musical and emotional let down.

I’m therefore taking the family to the school Christmas (oops PC police will get me) Winter Band and Choir concert to try to catch some Christmas Glee there instead.

Ho Ho HO!


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One Response to Glee – Christmas hell

  1. Sandra F says:

    Congrats to the SAS High School bands and Choirs who put on a wonderful festive holiday concert with a truely glorious rendition of White Christmas to finish the evening – restored the Glee to the Season


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